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tv   11 News Today  NBC  November 24, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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making the perfect holiday pie requires one skill the ability to gracefully accept compliments of pillsbury cinnamon rolls bring everyone to the table in their sunday best >> another day of deliberations for the jury in the mayor sheila
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dixon trial. they could be getting closer to a verdict. details are next. >> annoyed with the hassles of the holiday shopping season? you are not alone. a new survey shows just how. that story is coming up. >> eight people are hurt after an mta but alive. we will have the latest. >> summer rain this morning. willie wet weather stick around through thanksgiving -- some of rain this morning. will the wet weather stick around through thanksgiving? we will tell you shortly. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> a lot of people traveling today. will it clear up? >> a great morning to sleep in. >> not for us.
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we are already here. it is raining. most of the heavier rain is near northeast maryland. you will have some fog at your house even if it is not steadily raining. we are in the 40's right now. you may see a peak of sunshine around southern maryland. we will have more details in a few minutes. did morning to sarah. let's see how the rain is affecting the road this tuesday. >> volume is lighter. we are not seeing what we normally see in terms of delays. add water view avenue, an accident there. if you take p.w. parkway, you
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may find delays. looking good on the rest of the roadways. i-95 checking out fine through howard county. no volume-related delays this morning. let's give you a live look at traffic this morning. we are looking northbound. a bit of delay developing due to the accident. that is the latest. >> day for in deliberations. >> jury deliberations will of mayor sheila dixon. >> the jury has deliberated for
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about 18 hours over the last three days. by now, there is no indication of a standoff. progress. one young man requested a break to think about their decision. they are close, but no decision came. another juror asked if a piece the case. another reported progress was being made but jurors needed more time. they were excused for the day. >> this is a case of great interest. the jurors are taking their jobs seriously. >> all of the questions asked by prosecution's case particularly the gift cards that she is accused of taking in 2007. no questions have concerned get
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part from a developer. wbal tv. >> eight people are recovering after an mta bus and a car collided. it happened around 10:00 last night. it is unclear who or what played a role. three people from the car were taken to local hospitals. no word on their conditions. anne arundel police are searching for a driver to come forward who is related to the death of another person. it was a hit and run. the family members are in a state of shock. >> i understand there are no
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tire marks. he kept going. >> if you have information, call the traffic safety division. searching for the driver involving a 16 year-old boy. this happened around 12:30 sunday morning as the victim was walking with friends. we are told the injuries are not life-threatening. a red honda with tinted windows is the suspect. this case. >> a controversial measure requires pregnancy services to post their services.
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there is concern over information causing problems. there are claims that some centers lord mayor -- lore women to explore our options including abortion. to get help. they need to get all the information they need. >> the centers that did not clearly state their sentences will be fined. theater is becoming clearer as announced. a developer proposes renovating the building. another proposal comes from the owner of a charles theatre de with the possibility of adding a second screen. a mixture of live performances
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is also proposed. >> retailers around the country consumers are ready to get the bargains. they are telling what they like least. our reporter has the story. >> it is not even thanksgiving but his this season to shop. holiday hassle that we know all too well. the people at consumer reports put together a survey that the noise as the most. stores that do not open all of their checkout lanes. >> [unintelligible] stores can make more money selling warranties than they
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can make selling actual products. and that the great deals that exclude just about everything in the store? unless you are prepared to line up at 2:00 in the morning, be prepared for the up cell. consumers have the ultimate that is suggesting retailers may want to knock it off. wbal-tv. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day.
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shopping annoyance? -- >> the makers of some of the most popular baby cribs in the country are being pulled off shelves. we will tell you what is wrong. >> and is it the end for a governor? we have the latest on the scandal that could bring down his administration. 500 different types of trees at the 20th annual festival of trees. more for you just ahead. >> they would go of it this morning. a downed tree blocking some a downed tree blocking some lanes
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. very drizzly. >> a winter wonderland at the fair grounds. >> a little wooden -- wonderland the two can take a piece at home with you. >> the 20th annual festival of trees opening up on friday. they are still getting the preparations under way. five different kinds of decorated trees. even a reindeer ride. they are ponies with killers on. -- in a nursantlers on. >> a tray full of cookies and a
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magical experience here. >> clem critical abstract tree. describe it for me. -- eight really cool abstract treat -- a really cool abstract tree. discrepant forming. it is mesmerizing -- describe it for me. it is really mesmerizing. and yet take a look at hd doppler. it is running across the board. the buzz are slick. take it easy. >> this storm does not want to leave.
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some rainshowers this tuesday morning. temperatures around 50. the storm split off into a couple of pieces. the one near us all in a way very slowly. the cloud will stick around this afternoon. it will not be a pleasant tuesday. another chance for a couple of hours going into the holiday. some travel weather. up 95 towards new york or boston, you will run into rain showers. 51 in new york.
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atlanta should be dry. 64 in dallas with a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. a high of 52 in chicago with rain there. 79 in los angeles. mostly cloudy skies often gone rain showers this morning. high temperatures in the low 50's. check out drizzle may be fog. we will not have a washout on thursday. on friday dropped into the 40's. the net effect in the accumulation. it will stay chilly for the start of the weekend. let's see how the rain is
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affecting the roads. >> an accident on bw parkway. watch for delays there. we are looking at a downed tree at anne arundel county. it is shut down between sixth avenue and 10th avenue. no problems related to volume. everything looking gun the harrisburg expressed a. here are drive times. 12 minute ride on the outer loop west side. and live with it traffic. coming towards us southbound traffic. looking across the key bridge. over to you. >> it -- taking a look at our
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top stories. check points and random searches have been implemented as they tried to identify those killed during the single largest massacre in the philippines. a state ethics commission released details on monday involving the use of state airplanes and campaign funds for governor stamford -- samford. a florida teenage girl was viciously attacked by another group of teenagers. a group of teenagers walked in and started hitting her at a laundromat in orlando.
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she is expected to recover. the suspects fled before the police arrived. she knows the girls but is not sure why they attacked her. >> biggest retailers in the country. plastic hard where that could that drops down. regulators are urging parents that have them to stop using them immediately. campbell's soup company says sales slump in the first quarter of the year. that could be a sign that the economy is growing.
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if the soup is on, the economy is off. investors on wall street are hoping for more news that is better than before. let's go to the bloomberg stock exchange. >> we are focusing on home about use this morning. home prices in 20 major metro areas fell in september. there are other signs of improvement in the real estate. there is worry as black friday approaches. a private report on consumer confidence is out today. we are beginning to get revised third quarter gdp figures.
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a bigger trade deficit may be revealed. stocks rallying yesterday. the bloomberg maryland index posting gains. the lockheed may feel pressure from the pentagon. lockheed martin should assume some of the financial risk for any new costs on its fighter. that is cost overruns. almost $300 billion has been spent. the bba ltv. >> -- wbal tv. last night, our hidden camera with more.
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>> tonight the secret shopper hands upgrades to more than half a dozen stores. one of them will be her best one yet. she is in stores all around the baltimore maryland area. she shops for toys and household goods and gives her opinion over the overall experience. one store gets a club in grade. >> outstanding customer service >> is an checkout at another store does not cut it. >> nothing was close to getting me out of that door. >> see who gets the top grade and the lowest grade tonight at 11. >> another check on weather and traffic straight ahead. >> you hear the claims on tv and radio. are vitamin supplements things
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you really need it? see what the experts say in women's doctor. >> take a look at the winning lottery numbers from last night.
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>> a few problems postulated to the iran affair. -- problem spot related to the rain out there. bw parkway edgewater view.
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-- and water view. j.f.x. looking good. no problems to report on the harrisburg expressway or north of the beltway. we will switch over to a live view of traffic on the key bridge. that is the latest on traffic. >> things are pretty savvy out there. most of the heavy rain on hd doppler other in this area here. elsewhere, it is drizzle and fog.
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cloudy skies this morning. action a few minutes with the forecast heading into the holidays. >> there are plenty of vitamins and supplements on the market promising to keep women of all areas in the best of health. a woman's body goes throughout many changes throughout her lifetime. are there supplements you really need and at what age do you take them? >> 27 year-old woman is a busy mother. it is not stop taking care of her two year-old son and two month old daughter. she takes a multivitamin to
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keepers of healthy. when it comes to calcium supplements -- what i did not really look at it. >> that is not a good idea according to one person. there are some supplement that they should take to up to their lives. calcium and vitamin d. as soon as they reach puberty. >> they work hand in hand together. >> regardless of your age, do not forget america 3 by beating -- omega 3 by eating fish or fish oil. it is good to take a a prenatal vitamin with folic acid even if you are not pregnant if you are in the child-bearing age.
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vitamin b 12 for menopausal women is not necessary if you eat animal products. if we are considering something to relieve part flashes. >> [unintelligible] >> wbal tv 11 news. >> best more to come on the next hour of 11 news today. >> everything from trees to reindeer rides to gingerbread houses. the festi
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>> good morning everyone.
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>> we are dealing with a little bit of rain this tuesday morning. enough to slow some people down. i think the rain will stay with us throughout most of the morning. 53 for a high temperature. >> the fate of the mayor is in limbo. jurors returned to the courthouse this morning per day four of deliberation. they say they are making progress. >> good morning. in a couple of notes to the judge from the jury, they indicate they are making headway.
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they are asking specific questions about the prosecution's case. 18 hours over the past three days. there is no indication they are at a standoff. mayor sheila dixon left court no closer to knowing her future. after several intriguing note, jurors went home without issuing a verdict. no one can guess which way they are leaning. >> this is the case of great interest. the jurors are taking their jobs seriously. progress was suggested. a young man described great progress as he requested a break to think about their decision. the decision came. another juror s if a particular piece of the state's evidence was still in the case. it was. province is being made, but jurors need more time. they were excused for the day. all of the questions have been concerning the case dealing with the allegations surrounding dixon and gift cards intended for 2007.
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>> there is continuing coverage on our website. you can follow every detail of the proceedings. there are previous stories on their website. camden, new jersey was at the baltimore is in the top three. detroit was at the top. rate was honolulu, hawaii. the numbers are based on population and crime data from the fbi. >> accusations of sexual abuse credible.
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a couple of people accused them in the 1970's of minor abuse. a person denies the allegations. some possible changes in a council plan. under current pension guidelines, a person would receive his full salary for the rest of his life. the measure to cap the rate was considered. >> repairs on the rte. 90 bridge is ahead of schedule.
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there was deterioration in one area of its. it will reopen on tuesday. >> good morning, checking on the morning commute. volume a little bit lighter. we are dealing with problems related to the rain out there. an accident location on southbound 295 at water view. a closure due to a downed tree. take ritchie highway as your alternate. inner loop, a crash off to the sides not affecting any lanes of travel. let's check a live view in the area of the bw parkway.
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it is slick out there. we are looking at a bit of a back up. that is our only delays so far this morning. let's check in live with sandra shaw given as a preview of the festival of trees. >> it is beautiful and nice to surround yourself with light on these dark days. $10 per ticket. it is going to be better than ever. >> 20 years we have raised over $12 million. and increase in people coming here over the years. >> it benefits a wonderful cause. >> cover special needs population, research, outpatient
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care. >> come on out. it is an annual tradition. here is the forecast for thanksgiving week. looking a little gray and rainy. it will be colder in the wake of a storm that is brewing. that is it for here. bundle up. >> thanks. 47 degrees on tv hill. a suspected robber tries to eat his way to freedom. you do not want to miss that when we come back. >> could the president be closer to announcing his war decision in afghanistan? that story coming up. >> we are still taking your answers to the water cooler question of the day. what is your biggest holiday shopping annoyance? email us your response to ( piano music playing )
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by putting an end to paper medical records, we have ushered health into the digital age. saving lives, sometimes when seconds count. managing chronic conditions. making amazing new discoveries. and, oh yes, saving a lot of trees. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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>> the top ten bartender's from the world could create their must original drinks in three minutes. a celebrity jury tasted the drinks. and others judged the techniques of the contestants. congratulations to the winner. >> to eat his way to freedom.
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police near cleveland pulled over a man suspecting he had just robbed a bank. he was eating a paper. they believe it was a note used to rob a bank. evidence such as money. >> that is hilarious. coming up, a look at the morning headlines. >> getting busier by the minute. an accident on>> i think they will be asking -- an accident on 895. >> we will let you know if the rain will clear up later this afternoon. stay
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>> eight people are recovering after an mta bus and a carit happened around 10:00 last night. it is unclear who or what played a role. three people from the car were anne arundel police are searching for a driver to come forward who is related to the death of another person. if you have any information, contact the traffic safety commission with anne arundel county. checkout lanes. followed by endless warranties. and a great deal that excludes items in a store. >> that brings us to your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> we ask what your biggest
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holiday shopping an audience is. >> one person says when you and hundreds of other shoppers get there, the big sale items may not be there. >> another person says shopping for a salesperson to pay your bill is a big an audience. >> we will post more of your answers on the front page of our web site. announcement. >> according to the white house afghanistan strategy could be announced within days. president obama may be making a decision about the afghan war. >> the american people want the
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president to take the time to get the decision right rather than make a hasty decision. >> following months of deliberation, he has been considering a number of troop options. one has requested 40,000 forces. a middle option ranges around 20,000 could be more likely. >> it is not just how we get people there but what is the>> administration officials say the generals could testify before congress as early as next week. the president will have to convince allies. he is hosting a visit with the prime minister of india who is an important part of that region. >> [unintelligible]
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>> president obama and the prime minister are expected to talk more about cooperation on counterterrorism as it relates >> not a whole lot of volume. the rain is playing a role. down through edmondson. a crash still clearing at water view. avoid harpers farm in colombia.
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an accident at i-97. 895, an accident off to the side. no lanes of travel blocked. in life few of a delay at liberty road due to rain and volume. sandra schaub is updating us on the festival of trees. a really great scene there. >> there are little ponies that look like reindeers. >> we are nice to to see you again. we should have a big crowd here. >> miss maryland will be
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reading. she will sing also. >> the cause is awesome. >> absolutely. >> you said this is the best year ever. >> yes. this year i think they arec13 this year i think they are more spectacular than ever. the many benefits the cause. the trees are $500, $250, and $125. >> they are mesmerizing. take a look at hd doppler. we are very active out there. we will be remaining so until the middle part of the week. some rainshowers that we saw were significant this morning. >> how long does it go till now? >> until this sunday.
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>> it looks like a wonderful event. the storm does not want to go away. it will stick around for the morning commute. this storm split off into a couple of pieces. it will draft a way eventually. it will take a while for it to happen. while the steady rain made taper off, the clouds will stick around today. an area of high pressure will come in between the couple of storms. a little break over the next 24 hours. if you're going to new york or boston, some rain of there. it should be dry in atlanta.
6:52 am
80 in tampa. midwest dealing with rain showers. same thing in dallas, may be thunderstorms this afternoon. 80 around los angeles. that is our forecast. mostly cloudy skies for the rest of the day. the high temperature, 53 degrees. temperatures staying in the 40's. a 30% chance of showers for tomorrow and thanksgiving day. a chance we could see precipitation. a chance for a rain or snow shower on friday. a high temperature of 45 and then it clears up over the weekend. >> time for a look at our big story. the jury is making some progress
6:53 am
in the trial of baltimore mayor sheila dixon. >> the jury has been deliberating for 18 hours in this case. the jurors gave the judge to note indicating they were making progress. a juror described great progress and request the time to think about their decision. the jury is close but no decision came. another juror asked if some evidence was still in the case. it still is. paris is being made. at the very beginning of this trial, this case could move beyond the they is giving holiday. if they cannot reach a decision by today or tomorrow, that may
6:54 am
be the case because court is closed on thursday and friday. >> here is a look at what is coming up next on the "today in a." -- "today show. welwill president obama take moe troops to afghanistan? we are live with the latest. are the black friday bargains really as good as they seem? what you should know before you head out to the stores. and alisa keys put on a live concert on our plaza when we get started on a tuesday morning right here on today. >> 47 degrees on tv hill. a look at weather and traffic before you head out to start your day.
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>> we are live at the fairgrounds at the festival of trees 28 festival of trees. check it out this week. let's take a look at our current statistics. heavier rain has moved through the last couple of hours. 60 at the inner harbor. we will stay steady as far as those temperatures for the most part today. i understand you have a question about getting a tree. >> the trees are beautiful. how do you get them home looking like that that's quite depending
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on where you live, you can get one of their delivery options. addai are as they are decorated. you do not have to do the work, and they are truly awesome. >> thanks. >> what you see is what you get. rain showers this morning. >> a couple of accidents right at water view. and of to the right shoulder. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today.
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. the silver lining to the economy change is that i think we are living a more simple life, a more authentic life. we get our books from the library now.


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